UniSoma’s primary activity involves developing and implementing Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions

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Decisions Technology
Supply Chain Planning
Advanced Planning and Scheduling

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Case Studies

PIPA – Integrated Poultry Production Planning

Abstract: Between 1992 and 1995, Sadia saved US$ 50 million, due to the implantation of PIPA System in its slaughterhouses. This original and pioneer implantation of Operations Research and Scientific Management methodologies in the poultry field was highlighted at the Franz Edelman Award for Management Science Achievement in 1995.

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SIMAE – Energy Matrix Optimization System at CST

Abstract: Developed in 2003 for CST, SIMAE is a support tool used to generate the monthly plans for reduction and utilities areas. It is also used for strategic analysis.

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Cenibra - Central Logistics Center

Abstract: The Central Logistics Project, developed by UniSoma in 2005, is based on ABASEM, Scheduling Software developed in AIMMS for wood transportation planning.

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Operations Strategy for maneuvering slabs in slabyards for HSM at AMT

Abstract: For this study, UniSoma and Franco Arbeit Engineering developed a computer simulation model based on object and process oriented techniques.

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Ábaco – Coal Supply Chain Planning at CST

Abstract: UniSoma completed the development of Ábaco, a new Coal Supply Chain Planning Tool for CST, an Arcelor Brasil S.A. Company. The newest AIMMS based application developed by UniSoma for CST supports the generation of integrated supply chain planning for different coal processes and companies.

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Freight and Shipping Logistics Scheduling

Abstract: UniSoma conducted studies evaluating the routing and cargo selection procedures done at Casas Pernambucanas. To do so, a heuristic was developed based on multi-agent iteration and evolutionary learning techniques.

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Integrated Animal Planning at Aurora Alimentos

Abstract: This system, deployed in December 2008, is composed of a set of planning modules developed for Aurora Alimentos, comprising the poultry, swine, industrialized and dairy chains, and feed formulation.

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PLANFLOR – Long Term Forest Planning

Abstract: PLANFLOR is a decision support system developed for the Forest Planning Department at Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP). Developed in AIMMS language, the system is based on a Mixed Integer Programming large scale model, for optimized forest planning.

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Strategic Planning Optimizer for Votorantim Cimentos

Abstract: This system was developed in AIMMS for Votorantim Cimentos® Directors in Strategic Planning. The objective is to evaluate investment initiatives, over a long term horizon (20 to 30 years).

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Optimal Chicken Project

Abstract: This project involved, in a period from November 2003 to December 2004, the deployment of PIPA system modules in several chicken slaughterhouses at Perdigão S.A.

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Tactical and Strategic Optimizer of the Supply Chain

Abstract: Based on Mixed Integer Programming and integrated with SAP APO® (SNP® module), a model was developed to optimize the Tactical and Strategic Supply Chain Plan at AMT.

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PRIME Deployment for Integrated Planning at the Reduction Division

Abstract: UniSoma fully deployed PRIME - Process Industry Metaframe, at the Production Planning Department in Gerdau Açominas, for the integrated planning of the reduction area.

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Founded in 1984, UniSoma is a pioneer and leading provider of Supply Chain Planning and Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions for the Brazilian market.

UniSoma's technical staff is composed of professionals with vast experience in consulting, development and deployment of decision support systems for several business areas, among which: agribusiness, cement, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper, retail, steel production and textile.

In its portfolio are found the largest and most competitive national companies, such as Sadia, Perdigão, ArcelorMittal Brasil, Gerdau, Votorantim, JBS-Friboi, Vale, Coteminas and Petrobras.

The solutions are tailor-made, integrated to the clients' several information systems, and provide computational intelligence for automatic, optimized and integrated planning of the various supply chain phases, based on advanced optimization, simulation and statistical techniques.

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27th of August 2015

– Grupo Libra once again counts on UniSoma to drive its service level and excellence model in customer service

UniSoma, together with Libra Logistic operation team have been developing a solution to register, monitor and follow up the execution of door-to-door logistic operations of its clients, ensuring a clear and objective excellence level in rendering these services.

21th of August 2015

– Creating a business analytical environment

Assessing our projects results and the different positive impacts which they were able to generate in our clients, we noticed that our platforms which were specifically developed and featured powerful algorithms allowed the managers of these companies to reinterpret their entire business environment.

11th of June 2015

– Constructing Problems = Transforming Results

UniSoma Business Solution Director is one of the highlights of the 2015 Market Intelligence Forum Program.

8th of June 2015

–The great momentum in the 2015 Market Intelligence Forum

UniSoma is the 2015 Market Intelligence Forum sponsor, to be held in São Paulo, at the Centro de Convenções Senac from the 15th to 17th June.

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